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09/07/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – The story of Peter and his family shows the unyielding strength of the human spirit. The fateful evening of April 12, 2022 forever changed their lives when the Allied Democratic Forces unleashed terror upon their village. Huddled together in fear, they witnessed their home being destroyed, robbed of its belongings, and their dreams shattered. With no choice but to flee, they sought refuge in the nearby church.

Their journey brought them to Bunia, a place where safety was uncertain, and survival meant grappling with unimaginable challenges. The absence of a steady income haunted Peter, and without financial stability, securing a proper home seemed like an unattainable dream.

To make ends meet, Peter resorted to backbreaking labor, digging farms for the local community, earning a meager $1.30 for every completed job. The toil was excruciating, causing relentless body pain, but he persevered for the sake of his family. The odds were stacked against them, as finding a job in Bunia proved exceedingly difficult, especially for internally displaced persons (IDPs) like them.

ICC provided immediate aid for the family to improve their living conditions, like food and clothing. We also supplied the family with a motorbike to provide Peter with a means to make a reliable income.

“We had nothing, and you have given us everything. May God bless you so much,” said Peter. “I am so happy that my grandchildren will live in a normal condition now. We had nothing; no food, no clothes, no bedding. And today, we have all these things.”

Their journey continues, but with the support they received, they now face the future with greater hope and determination.

An ICC staff member who implemented the project said, “In short, this project has greatly changed the life of this family and brought dignity, a lot of joy, and unity in the family.”

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