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09/05/2023 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – In the heart of a community facing unique religious and social challenges, Paul, a National Police Reservist, is a pastor and a beacon of service within his community. His commitment extends beyond law enforcement and the protection of lives to spiritual guidance and multiplication of Jesus’ followers. Peter believes that it is key for believers going through religious discrimination to have a place of worship where they feel safe. He is on a journey of planting a church, an endeavor that is not without obstacles. 

“I am committed to fulfilling my roles, which involve serving the people as a law enforcement officer and providing spiritual guidance. Next to me stands the church we are in the process of constructing (pointing to the church), a project that has presented challenges due to the prevailing tension and security concerns,” said Paul. “Fleeing of residents from the area has further complicated the already demanding task of completing the church.” 

The construction of a place of worship is often seen as a testament to a community’s unity and faith. However, Peter’s church plant comes with its own set of trials, from the killing of Christians in his area to the lack of a settled community that can raise funds for the construction. 

The origins of this church plant lie in the humble gatherings beneath a tree, a response to the necessity of avoiding attention from authorities during the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.  

“Over time, our assembly beneath the tree expanded, prompting me to embark on the construction of a more secure church in this location. Although the authorities had discouraged congregating in the unsafe previous church, we were granted lenience after explaining our vision and the impact the church would have to the persecuted believers of Lamu. Their support served as a source of motivation, boosting our determination to persevere and continue with the project,” said Paul.  

The completion of the church holds the promise of profound and transformative outcomes. The shared belief in its construction as an altar of divine protection demonstrates a collective faith that extends beyond individual roles and responsibilities. 

“Moving forward, the completion of the church will yield significant benefits, not only to the community but also to the police force,” he said. “We envision using the church building as a chapel space for police officers to meet for prayers and fellowship before commencing our patrols. Furthermore, this establishment will serve as a safe and accessible place of worship for those residing in nearby camps. The collective belief among Christians in constructing a place of worship is that such an altar invokes divine protection.” 

Paul stands out as an example of both the national obligations and the spiritual transformation of his community in Lamu. He continues to seek prayer and support from the global body of believers towards their new church plant. 

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