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09/01/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Pastor J is a dedicated shepherd of his congregation and a loving grandfather to young Hope. In 2012, Hope’s mother was attacked and raped by a radical Muslim man. When she found out she was pregnant, her and her father sought out justice in the court system, but the man would only take responsibility if they converted to Islam.

“We gave up,” said Pastor J.

The burden of caring for both his daughter and granddaughter now fell heavily on Pastor J’s shoulders.

ICC has been supporting Hope and her family for nearly a decade. Hope is now 10 years old and in school, but her grandfather is struggling to provide the financial support for her education.

ICC paid her school fees and provided other academic materials to relieve the financial burden for her family.

“I am very grateful for the support of my granddaughter, Hope, from ICC. Hope is studying very well now, and she is also happy to be picked up and dropped off by the school bus every day. She has enough uniforms for the whole year,” said Pastor J. “I will be praying for your organization and the work you are doing for persecuted believers. You have made my work of ministry even easier, since I am now focusing on it without thinking about how Hope will get an education.”

Hope is now comfortable in school and has everything she needs. We expect and pray for her continued success academically and also socially.

“Thank you very much to you for paying for my school fees, school transport, food, clothing, uniform, shoes, and all the other things I have received. May God bless you very much,” said Hope.

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