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08/24/2023 Cameroon (International Christian Concern) – Cameroon is an extremely dangerous place to be a Christian. In the far north, Christians are targeted and killed by Boko Haram to rid the country of “infidels” and establish an Islamic state.

This increase in violence follows as the country continues to suffer from infighting between the English- and French-speaking populations. The “Anglophone Crisis” started in 2017, when separatists in Cameroon tried to create a new nation known as Ambazonia. This crisis has left the government and the country open to attacks from groups like Boko Haram, that use the confusion and chaos to stage attacks, steal supplies, and kill civilians.

According to the International Crisis group, at least 6,000 people have died over the years of infighting and more than a million are currently displaced. In the north, terrorist activity attributed to Boko Haram has led to over 100,000 refugees in need of humanitarian aid.

Pope Francis recently prayed for Cameroon that is still “suffering from violence and war.” The pope continued, that “God may sustain the hope of the people who have been suffering for years and open ways of dialogue to reach harmony and peace.”

Catholics within Cameroon expressed gratitude for the pontiff’s words, recognizing that the road to peace within their nation is a long one.

Please join with International Christian Concern (ICC) as well as local believers in praying for peace in Cameroon.

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