Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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08/09/2023 Tanzania (International Christian Concern) –In June of 2023, International Christian Concern (ICC) partnered with Good News Jail and Prison Ministry in Tanzania to help former prisoners who have converted from Islam to Christianity to learn to sew clothes in an effort to establish self-sustainability.  

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry has established its mission in Tanzania as spreading the good news of the Gospel into prison systems. Many of the prisoners come from Muslim backgrounds, and through the good work of these ministries, ultimately, the grace of God, many people have found Jesus Christ and converted to Christianity.  

After these individuals leave the prison system, they find persecution from their own families, including abandonment, violence, and threats of death. Due to their lonely state and their criminal record, many Christians find themselves in destitute situations with very little hope.  

ICC and its partners were able to provide some hope by the grace of God by teaching these new Christian believers how to sew clothes to make their own living. Ten students learned how to sew various articles of women’s clothing in three months and now have the necessary skills to start their own tailoring business. These new believers will continue to learn the trade of sewing in the next three months as they learn to sew men’s clothing. 

When expressing her feelings about the impact of this project, one student told ICC, “I thank God that he knows our problems. He knows the hardships that we were going through for faith in Christ. I am happy that he has heard my prayers and that he has not left me in all situations. Now I expect that after finishing the tailoring training, I will be able to take care of myself and continue in faith. Thank you to the Christians who supported this project.” 

Tanzanians love well-tailored clothes for daily use and special events, and many local tailors lack the skill and capacity to meet the needs of the community. The training provided through these sewing classes has allowed former prisoners who have been abandoned by their families to enter a competitive market with top-notch skills.  

Through seemingly small actions such as the provision of sewing classes, people in Tanzania are able to sustain themselves and maintain their Christian faith, and for that, we thank God.            

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