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08/03/2023 India (International Christian Concern) – A mob of Hindu nationalists brutally attacked four Christians in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The violent attack reportedly took place in the presence of the village leaders.  

According to local sources, the group of Christians was summoned to a meeting by the village leaders, where the Hindu nationalists attempted to force the Christians to renounce their faith and convert back to Hinduism. The leaders threatened them with abusive language, and the mob told the Christians of the consequences of not renouncing their faith in Jesus. The leaders told them that if they did not deny Christ, they would be thrown out of their village. Nevertheless, the Christians remained faithful and did not deny Christ. 

When the four Christians refused to deny their faith in Christ, the mob beat them with sticks and stones. They were rushed to the hospital with police protection.  

The incident was reported to local law enforcement, who filed a report (FIR) against eight people and investigated the attack. 

In the wake of the event, other Christians in the village left for nearby villages, fearing for their lives.  

Chhattisgarh is among the eleven states with anti-conversion laws. The radical Hindu nationalists abuse this law to justify their attacks on Churches and Christians. Although the first anti-conversion law was enacted in 1967, there have been few, if any, convictions. Please pray for the believers persecuted in India. 

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