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07/24/2023 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – In the last three weeks, 37 Christians have been killed by Fulani militants and other terrorist groups in Nigeria’s Benue state, according to Morning Star News.  

The first in this series of attacks occurred on June 30, where gunmen killed one Christian was killed and injured two others. On July 8, a “band of terrorists” attacked two Christian communities and massacred 30 Christians. Most recently, on July 16, six Christians were killed in a Sunday night raid. 

“The terrorists, who accompanied armed (militant) herdsmen, first attackedIgba-Ukyor village, where they killed five Christians, and then proceeded to a second village, Tse Baka, where they killed one Christian,” a local resident told Morning Star News. 

The Fulani, who are majority Muslim, is the world’s largest nomadic ethnic group. While most Fulani lives at peace with their neighbors, militant Fulanis, radicalized by extreme Islam, have emerged from their people group with jihadist intent. Fulani militants, along with many other terror groups and “bandits” known for their violence in Nigeria, have contributed to making Nigeria one of the world’s most dangerous places to be a Christian. 

Please pray for peace in the affected communities and pray for the families of the victims.   

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