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07/11/2023 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – The Mangu local government area of Nigeria’s Plateau State continues to face attacks by the Fulani militants, despite warnings by Plateau State Governor Barr Caleb Mutfwang. These attacks displace residents, destroy farms, and prevent Christians from going to their schools and places of worship. 

A recent attack on July 8 left at least 13 dead and many seriously injured. Six houses were burned down during the attack. While the corpses from that attack were being gathered for mass burial the next day, another group of terrorists killed a security guard as Sunday worship was about to commence. 

“We were about to start church service, not knowing that the attackers had already planned to invade during service hours,” said a church member. 

Anonymous contacts often warn villagers and authorities of attacks 24 hours prior to the violence. Despite the warnings, security forces have failed to quell the violence. 

“We told the military commander at my unit in Mangu that Fulani [militants] may attack our village, and he said it was a rumor and hung up the call, refusing to send his men to protect us from the attackers,” one local told ICC staff.  

Rather than respond to the attacks proactively, the state government instead imposed a curfew after the July 8 incident. Curfews like this have been known to endanger villagers by preventing them from setting out watchmen to look for attackers during certain hours. Neighboring Kaduna State’s recent governor, Nasir El-Rufai, was infamous for imposing harsh, dangerous curfews on Christian communities undergoing repeated attacks. In an incident just last month, 15 villagers in the Mangu area were murdered while under government curfew orders. 

Local militants have a pattern of ambushing and attacking Christians on the way to their farms, according to local sources. More than 40 were killed during a recent coordinated ambush on multiple communities. Churches were burnt by the militants, and locals are now afraid to go to church. 

More than 300 people were killed in Mangu this year. 

A local in Mangu said, “The Fulani [militants] are mocking us that our God should come and save us from their hands.” 

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