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07/10/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Farah had endured more hardships in her young life than most people could ever imagine. The invasion of ISIS had turned her world upside down, shattering her dreams and tearing apart her family’s stability.

Her father’s medical conditions only added to their burdens, requiring visits to doctors and costly medications. Even as ISIS invaded their area, Farah defied the odds and completed her exams, earning her diploma in mechanical engineering. But the aftermath of the conflict had left her family in dire straits, relying solely on food aid to survive.

Farah’s heart ached as they returned to their once-devastated home, hoping to find solace within its familiar walls, only to discover that nothing remained. Through the help of their extended family members, they were able to rebuild their home.

After moving back home, Farah searched for a way to support her family. By the end of 2020, Farah started a scented candle business. But Farah lacked the necessary resources to produce high-quality candles.

ICC supplied her with the proper equipment needed to flourish in her online business. Gratitude overflowed from her heart as she held the tools in her hands, realizing that they represented so much more than mere objects. They symbolized an opportunity–a chance to break free from the chains of her financial constraints and create a business that would not only sustain her family but also empower her dreams.

“I was very happy that I now have the tools I need because I could not afford to buy them due to my financial situation,” Farah expressed. “I used to face difficulties in making the candles because of the bad quality of items, but I will no longer worry in this regard, and I will focus on developing my business. Thank you so much for helping me to get the tools to produce better quality candles.”

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