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07/06/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In the arid lands of northeastern Kenya, a chilling tragedy unfolded for four families as al-Shabaab, the notorious Somali-based Islamic terrorist group, executed four Christian workers.

As the early morning sun struggled to pierce through the darkness, terror descended upon the workers. The al-Shabaab terrorists, driven by their twisted ideology, ambushed them as they were drilling wells, shooting them mercilessly at close range. Four lives were extinguished in an instant. Among them was a husband and father of six, Joseph.

Left behind in the wake of the brutal attack was his grieving wife, Catherine, burdened not only by the immense sorrow of losing her beloved husband but also by the weight of the pregnancy of their sixth child.

“I lost him when I needed him most,” she lamented. “Not that he was unimportant before I conceived our baby but because we needed his support during the pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby. But the Lord had other plans.”

Hearing of this tragic event, ICC staffers came to the victims’ families to offer support, including food, clothes, cooking gas, and more.

Catherine expressed her heartfelt appreciation to those who saw her grief and offered their help. “Thank you for extending your generosity to me and my baby,” she said. “Just over a month after delivering her, we were going through a difficult period, and I was wondering how we were going to survive. Now I have food in the house and money to buy her clothes and take her to the clinic. I will also keep part of the money to start a grocery shop after she grows up in a few months.”

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