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06/26/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Christianity is no stranger to the stale concrete walls of a prison cell. Throughout the Bible, we see the Lord reach down into the prison cell and reveal Himself in many mysterious ways.

A small prison ministry in Tanzania has seen God move in those miraculous ways through the conversion of prominent Muslim leaders to Christianity. However, conversion often leads to severe persecution, ostracization, and even death. But despite the grave consequences of leaving Islam, these many brave souls, who we call Muslim-background believers (MBBs), have chosen to follow Christ, risking everything for their newfound faith.

Recently, a team from International Christian Concern (ICC) visited a group of MBBs in Tanzania who had converted while in prison. During their visit, the ICC team met with a group of 14 ex-inmates who had come to share their stories of conversion.

“We are touched in our hearts by your kindness and acceptance to listen to our stories of conversion. We come from Muslim backgrounds, and we have been suffering for leaving the teachings of Allah and following Christ,” said the prison ministry pastor. “Through the jail and prisons ministry, we have found hope and a reason to continue believing in Christ. We believe that with your prayers and support, we shall continue to grow and reach out to more inmates for Jesus.”

These converts are persecuted by their families and communities for leaving Islam, yet they remain steadfast in their faith.

The ICC team also met with five former Muslim leaders and teachers in local mosques and Islamic institutions. After their conversion to Christianity, they now live their faith in secret. They risk their lives every day to follow Christ, knowing that if they are discovered, they face severe consequences.

“We ask that you will continue praying for us to grow more and more in the salvation of Jesus the Messiah. We would like to thank you for the support you have given us, and it is a huge gift to us and to our families as we navigate through the life of underground believers,” said one of the former Sheikhs.

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