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6/17/2023 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) –The two-year civil war in Myanmar (Burma) has killed an estimated 30,000 people and displaced some two million more. There is wide dissatisfaction with the military junta that threw out the elected government and took over the country in early 2021.

The junta invaded and worked destruction in Christian areas such as the Karen, Kachin and Chin states, but recently even the majority Burmese in central Myanmar have become disgusted with the junta’s actions. Many now back the National Union Government group in opposing the junta.

The widespread opposition is looking to organize its efforts against the junta. They have not, however, been able to garner support from other nations.

Even so, the ethnic groups have killed an estimated 15,000 junta troops, though not a sizable number in an army of 170,000. Conversely, the army has destroyed scores of villages and churches among predominant Christian ethnic groups such as the Chin, Kachin and Karen peoples. They even prevented aid from reaching the people in Rakhine state after cyclone Mocha hit there in May.

The army’s aerial attack on a united ethnic group administrative office gathering in Sagaing, central Myanmar, killed 200 people, according to The Economist. Some Christian leaders, such as Dr. Samson in Kachin State, have been arrested on trumped-up charges of terrorism and jailed.

“For now, the junta is too unpopular to control the countryside, yet too powerful to yield the towns,” said The Economist in early June.

An estimate by the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and Policy Studies says that 2.9 million have fled their homes to escape army brutality, and many of them are fleeing to neighboring countries such as Thailand and India. A Meitei spokesperson in Manipur recently said the influx of refugees has contributed to the tensions and inter-tribal clashes troubling Manipur.

Prayers are needed for the Christians and other civilians under attack by a renegade national army. — J. Lindner

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