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06/07/2023 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – A UN official in Myanmar warned that not enough aid was reaching distressed areas in Myanmar after a cyclone hit the western state of Rakhine in May.  

Myanmar’s military government is distributing some aid, but international relief organizations have limited access due to the unstable political situation. Besides the immediate destruction of the cyclone, the affected areas also risk food shortages caused by damage to infrastructure and seed stocks. 

The humanitarian situation is complicated by the ongoing civil war in the country driven by politics and religion. The Buddhist majority population has historically controlled the government and the military in Myanmar, at times using its power to oppress ethnic and religious minorities including Christians and Muslims. 

Since the military coup overthrew the elected government in 2021, the security situation has worsened, particularly for minority groups that the military government has previously persecuted. 

As aid slowly reaches Myanmar, Christians living among the Rohingya Muslim population in Rakhine are likely to face persecution from both the government and community for ethnic and religious reasons. The cyclone worsens an already precarious environment for Christians.  

International Christian Concern (ICC) has previously reported on persecution in Myanmar in the form of attacks against Christian churches and imprisonment of Christian leaders. 

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