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06/05/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Rohan had always been a devout man of God, serving his congregations with utmost dedication and love. However, recently, things have been tough for him and his family. The COVID-19 pandemic that devastated many rural areas of India and the Hindu, radical-driven anti-conversion law have greatly impacted his ministry operations.

The fear of persecution loomed large over the Christian community, and the attendance in his congregations had dwindled significantly. As a result, Pastor Rohan had been struggling to make ends meet and provide for his family.

He had been praying for a long time to start a small ready made cloth shop, which he believed would not only contribute to his family’s survival but also help him continue his ministry. However, financial constraints made it impossible for him to start the business. That’s when ICC stepped in to provide the necessary financial support to set up the small business he prayed for.

With the income from the business, Pastor Rohan hopes to have a regular and predictable source of income for his family’s survival and continue his ministry. He is grateful for the assistance and believes that it is the Lord’s way of providing for his family and his ministry.

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