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5/30/2023 Cameroon (International Christian Concern)Extremist fighters in northern Cameroon killed three customs officers, three soldiers, and two civilians on Tuesday, reported the Associated Press.  

“The Boko Haram fighters are in huge numbers along the border with Nigeria, and we are counting on collaboration between the military and civilians to stop this new wave of attacks,” said Midjiyawa Bakari, governor of the attacked region, adding that the extremists wounded many people in addition to the fatalities. 

Boko Haram, the West African Islamic extremist organization, has maintained an insurgency in Northern Nigeria for nearly thirteen years. The terrorist group seeks to implement strict Islamic law in the region and oppose any who disagree with their interpretations of Islam.  

Boko Haram seems to be making a comeback after its territory was significantly reduced in 2015, the year it pledged allegiance to Islamic State. It created the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP). Boko Haram soldiers, largely forced out of northern Nigeria, entered the Lake Chad Basin where weak governance has enabled them to regain strength. 

 “Cameroon’s government said that Boko Haram fighters crossed into the country from Nigeria in large numbers on Monday evening before carrying out the attacks,” reported AFP, “Cameroon’s military has been deployed to protect civilians on the border.”  

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