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05/25/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Sara puts her left hand on the back of a little boy’s head and neck as she holds a flat wooden tongue depressor in her other hand and peers into a child’s mouth.

Her sage-colored attire is covered in a leaf and floral pattern—the pink flowers matching her lipstick. Her head is covered with a loosely draped scarf, and there’s a small nose ring adorning the left side of her mature face.

She and her husband, Victor, both older adults, have embarked on a new adventure together: opening and operating a first aid clinic.

It may seem an unusual time of life to start an endeavor like this, but when Victor’s land was essentially stolen from him, he was left without a way to support Sara and himself.

Victor is a Christian in a South Asia country where approximately 96% of the population is Muslim. He used to seek out work as a daily laborer as his means of supporting his family, but as he became older, that became less and less of an option and he’d come home empty-handed, having earned nothing.

Victor’s financial hope for the future had been six acres of farmland he inherited from his father. His father had leased the land to a Muslim man, and then died before the lease was up, meaning ownership of the land transferred to Victor. When the lease was up in 2021, Victor attempted to regain possession of it—counting on the financial support it would bring him.

But Muhazzim, the man who had been using the land, refused, claiming that Victor’s father had sold him the land.

Victor was shocked to hear this false narrative—his father had not sold that land to Muhazzim.

When Victor disagreed and stood his ground, Muhazzim and several other Muslims beat Victor and told him to leave the land.

Muhazzim’s intimidation didn’t stop there: he told Victor there would be dire consequences if he took legal action to repossess the land.

Besides being a victim of theft and injustice, Victor, unable to work as a daily laborer any longer, needed this land; it was his only hope for supporting his family.

But hope and relief came in another form, through ICC’s assistance: how did they feel about starting a first aid clinic?

Sara held a medical certificate that qualified her to run the clinic, and together she and Victor could establish and operate this clinic as an enterprise that would support them.

They were deeply grateful for the help, saying they could never repay the favor.

“We are thankful to you guys [who] help us in this hard time,” Sara said, “we are able to earn by ourselves instead of begging [from] others.”

ICC provided funds for construction that was required to modify an existing shop, and then they assisted with purchasing the equipment and supplies needed, such as a stretcher, wheelchairs, a medical bed, medicines, and medical instruments.

“I am thankful to [ICC] for this help,” Victor said. “Now we are able to survive. Our circumstances were not good: Muslim people grab my land, and we don’t have any earning option before that, but [ICC] help us with this clinic—God bless you.”

Even though it seems Victor will not receive justice and regain his land, the situation was not hopeless, because with Christ it never is, He always makes a way, and in this instance He used ICC to come alongside and lift the burden from this persecuted couple by equipping them to support themselves in a dignified way.

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