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5/17/2023 Sudan (International Christian Concern)Sudan has been engulfed in a series of conflict and unrest in the last month. International Christian Concern (ICC) has been closely following the situation in Sudan since the onset of the violence.  

Recently, we received a letter from a pastor in the midst of the violence requesting aid for his community.  


Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Peter, and I am serving as a pastor at a church in Sudan.  

On behalf of our church and the people of my village, we are writing to seek your assistance in helping the people of Sudan, which is currently undergoing dire circumstances due to an ongoing conflict that started on April 15, 2023.  

The conflict was triggered by gunfire which has led to the suffering of my church and other churches in Sudan. The situation has led to a humanitarian crisis, and many people have been forced to flee to neighboring countries. However, there are still many people who are not able to leave the country because they are surrounded by bombs. As a result, many people are suffering due to lack of basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter.  

As a victim of the conflict myself, I am personally aware of the challenges that the community is facing. The explosion of the conflict has caused great fear among us, making it difficult for the people to even serve God in church. Additionally, many families have lost their homes and loved ones, and many are struggling to survive.  

For the people who have remained in the area, they are currently facing significant challenges, including a lack of food, and medical care. In my community, there are about 10 children who have died due to hunger. This has further exaggerated people’s fears of starvation.  

The situation now is growing drastically to a worse state that may evade the lives of many people, including pastors. The lack of necessities such as food and water has led to many people being affected by malaria and other diseases. This has also placed many people at a disadvantage since there are no hospitals that are currently working. This may result in the massive death of many people if there’s no immediate action. We know that the government cannot help us.  

We are requesting your assistance in providing aid to those of us in my community. We are desperate for your help. We believe that your organization can help us make a difference in the lives of these people.  Your support will help alleviate the suffering of many families in my community who are in terrible need of help.  

Thank you for considering our request. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to help the people of my community during this difficult time. 


Latest reports from the United Nations reveal a grim reality, with more than 670 lives lost and more than 5,500 people uninjured since the outbreak of fighting on April 15. The repercussions of this ongoing turmoil are particularly severe for Christians, as Sudan’s recent history of religious freedom advancements has taken a distressing turn with the return of repression and fears of harsh implementation of Islamic law following a military coup in October 2021.

It is with great concern and urgency that we invite you to join us in prayer and support for the suffering individuals in Sudan.  

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