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05/02/2023 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – On April 7, 2023, four students at Teuku Umar University (UTU), West Aceh, were expelled from a student organization for posting “Happy Good Friday” messages on its social media account.  

In the post, the students shared a special flyer design equipped with a cross and a picture of the UTU campus. Even though the students were Muslim, the congratulations were a form of support and appreciation for the celebration of Christian holy days around the world. 

The Chancellor of Teuku Umar University announced that the students who made the post congratulating Good Friday to Christians had been fired from the management of the UTU Mosque Management Board and re-Islamized because they were considered to have committed apostasy. 

The Anti-discrimination Islamic Network (JIAD) coordinator, Gus Aan Anshori, shared that he is disappointed by the actions of leadership at UTU and believes this incident to be a setback to religious tolerance between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia.  

The four students were forced to apologize to the university leadership for what they did.  

Please join ICC in praying for religious tolerance in Indonesia. 

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