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04/29/2023 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – No fewer than 20 persons have been reported killed during a two-day-long attack by militants  who invaded two communities in the Kokona LGA of Nasarawa State. The Member representing the constituency at the House of Representatives, Gbefwi Jonathan Gaza, visited later and wrote about the incident on social media.

“Houses and property worth millions of naira belonging to the residents were also razed down during the attack which had commenced on Sunday night to Tuesday morning,” Gaza said. A community resident told an ICC staffer “We lost hope in the Nigerian Police” after it took the police two days  to arrive in the villages. Twenty residents were killed and many houses burned, the local told ICC. The Christian locals have been attacked by several times and have received no humanitarian assistance from the government.

Some villagers hid and watched while the militants burned their houses. “My village is currently under attack by Fulani gunmen,” a resident messaged ICC. He was then silent for two days. “Houses have been razed,” he added after the attack subsided. Two days after the attack he said that it was genocide and wanted the world to see and judge for itself. The eyewitness was emotional as he talked about the loss of life, the houses that were destroyed, and the immense economic loss sustained by the villages. He estimated that property worth millions of naira were destroyed.

Sunday, a resident and Christian activist, called on Christians around the world to pray for his village. He also expresed his appreciation to Gaza for sharing in their pains with the world. “You have once again shown that you are a compassionate leader who understands the plight of his people,” Sunday said of Gaa. “As I speak, there is a great need for humanitarian assistance to help the most affected victims get relief. Your support in this regard will be greatly appreciated.”

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