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04/26/23 If you’ve ever asked if there is any tangible action that you can take on behalf of the persecuted, today is your opportunity.

ICC connected with a woman named Hani from Somaliland who converted to Christianity after hearing the gospel in university. Due to her conversion in an otherwise fundamentalist Muslim region, she was sentenced to five years in prison. This is where you can help!

As Somaliland attempts to become its own nation, it would prefer to see human rights cases like this disappear from the spotlight. Let’s not let that happen. Please join us by contacting the Somaliland Mission on Hani’s behalf to, politely but firmly, call for her release today.

Call the Somaliland Mission: +1-703-370-1423
EMAIL: [email protected]

Call: 020-3011-0163
Email: [email protected].