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03/08/2023 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – I am Elezo, a former Muslim living in Serang, Indonesia. I have three children. My previous job was as a construction worker.  

Six years ago, while I was walking on the side of the road, a motorcycle crashed into me, throwing me to the ground. Immediately after the accident, I had difficulty seeing things. However, after a few days, it seemed like my vision had recovered.   

Unfortunately, four months after the accident, my vision suddenly blurred again. According to the doctor, I had damage to my optic nerve. He gave me medicine to help with my vision, which slowed my eyes’ deterioration for several years.   

In 2018, my wife passed away. Since my wife died, nobody took me to the doctor, so I stopped taking medication. Everything is now dark, and my vision is completely gone. My life now depends on my in-laws and my children, who are starting to grow up. They make money by busking on the street.   

In early 2022, someone came to my house. He told me he had heard stories about me. He took me to the doctor, but according to the doctor, my optic nerve was like a dry banana leaf, making it difficult to see again.   

He was a missionary who visited the villages frequently. He talked to me a lot. I was getting desperate and wanted to give up because of my situation. However, I felt excited again when he told stories to me and the other people in my village. He told us about Isa Al-Masih (Jesus Christ) and that Isa Al-Masih would save our souls. After that, I believed in Jesus and was baptized a few months later.  

My in-laws heard about it and were not happy about it. Following my conversion, I was told I could no longer live in their home.   

In December 2022, I left their house, and my children came with me. We stayed at the house of a Christian friend. We lived there for almost one month. After a while, I felt bad for imposing on this family, but I did not have anywhere else to live.   

One day, the missionary who told me about Jesus contacted an ICC staff member and shared my story with them. The ICC staff member then came to pray and provided funds so I could rent a house for myself and my children. Not only that but we were also given financial assistance to start a business. I decided to sell t-shirts. My children can help me run this business. We are hopeful that the profit from the sale of the T-shirts can support our daily lives.  

My friends always pray that I can see again. I do hope that this miracle happens in my life. However, even though I cannot see, I am grateful that I have been able to see the truth in Jesus Christ.   

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