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02/20/2023 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Yusuf is a Christian living in Pakistan whose inherited agricultural land was stolen from him by a Muslim tenant. Mughal, the tenant, had leased the land from Yusuf’s father in 2012, with an agreement that it would expire in May 2021. When Yusuf’s father died in 2016 and ownership of the land passed to Yusuf, Mughal falsely claimed that his father had sold him the land.

Mughal and several other radical Muslims threatened and violently beat Yusuf when he refused to leave his rightful property. This injustice has left him without any savings or support for himself and his family. He faces ongoing discrimination as a Christian which has prevented him from taking legal action to regain possession of his land.

In order to help Yusuf get back on his feet and provide for his family, ICC set up a first-aid clinic for him as a small business. As an experienced medical professional, this is a way for him to earn an honest and dignified income while continuing to pursue legal justice for his stolen land.

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