Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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2/15/2023 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, a Christian evangelist in Sudan has been forced into hiding following attempted attacks by his angered Muslim relatives. His name is Ahmad Adam Mohamad, and he resides in North Darfur state.  

His family, angered by his conversion to Christianity and his discipleship of other former Muslims, accused him of apostasy and sent a group of armed militants to his home on Thursday, February 9. Ahmad was not at home that day, but the militants returned on February 11 with the intent to arrest him and kidnap him.   

Ahmad said he narrowly escaped the second attempt on his life. He also stated that his relatives continue to monitor his house. He said, “The situation is extremely difficult – I am not safe at all. I urge all the brothers and sisters to pray and help me escape from this area to a safer place.”  

Since February 11, Ahmad has been moving from house to house to avoid arrest and kidnapping. He told Morning Star News on February 13 that he had not eaten since fleeing his home.   

Christians in Sudan face increasing persecution from Muslim family members and militant groups. In Open Doors’ 2023 World Watch List, Sudan was ranked No. 10, up from No. 13 in 2022. Please pray for Ahmad and for the Christians who are suffering in Sudan.   

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