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2/14/2023 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – Flourish Café is a café in West Java, Indonesia, that opened in 2021, motivated by the owner’s Christian faith and desire to reach out to women victims of human trafficking. At the height of the pandemic, the café was struggling to survive. There were only a few customers who came to the café. They do not have enough income to operate and pay the workers.   

One day, an ICC staff member met with the owner and discussed the cafe’s goals and programs. After hearing about the café’s needs, ICC was able to help the business survive by providing some financial assistance to keep operations running smoothly.   

Every Saturday, the owner held a Discover the Bible And Quran Study at the cafe to prompt discussion about the two books. As a result, some of their employees came to faith in Jesus Christ.  

Reli is one of the employees who came to faith in Jesus Christ. Her story is as follows:   

I’m Reli. I was born in 1994. I was born into a Muslim and tribal family with the largest Muslim population in Indonesia. I grew up to be a naughty teenager; even as an adult, I did not respect my parents, so my relationship with my parents was not close.  

I wore a hijab during high school because the school required it. However, even though I remained a Muslim after I finished high school, I took off my hijab because I felt uncomfortable.  

 In 2021, I began working at Flourish Café. Every Saturday, there is an activity at the cafe to read the Bible and the Koran, and we discuss the stories in the two books.   

From week to week, I became more and more interested in studying the Bible because so many words in it touched my heart. I installed the Bible app on my cell phone to read it throughout the week.   

I told one of my Christian friends about my interest in the Bible. She told me now, if you pray, pray to Jesus Christ. Slowly, I learned to pray to Jesus and felt something different in my heart. I was having problems with my family and with my husband. I prayed to Jesus, and several times in a dream, someone wearing a robe came and said, “Do not be afraid. I will help you” I believe that Jesus appeared in my dreams.   

Every day, I am being changed more and more in my character. First, I became more loving toward my parents and family. Then, I started giving some of the money I received from my place of work to my parents.  

In December 2021, I decided to be baptized because I had complete confidence to follow Jesus. But, until then, my family and husband did not know I believed in Jesus. They are not pleased that I converted and wish me to return to the Muslim faith. I pray that my parents and husband also believe in Jesus.  

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