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01/26/2023 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Plateau State police and the Nigerian army has not arrested any of the Fulani militant attackers after 21 Christians were killed in three communities in Bokkos county of North-Central Nigeria late last year.

“No one was arrested,” said Plateau State Police spokesman DSP Alfred Alabo, after the militants killed 21 Christians, burnt down houses and churches, and raped female students at a State university in Bokkos. Many were displaced during the November attacks. The Nigerian army says it is still investing and the state government has yet to provide relief to the victims.

It was on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 when the militants attacked Wumat a village in Bokkos. “The attackers came at night,” said Pastor Zaphaniah Kabung. Kabung told our correspondent that nine were killed because they were Christians and the militants wanted to take over their land. Such stories can be heard repeatedly in Kwata, Maikatako, Ndar, and surrounding villages of North-central Nigeria.

Af 45-year old woman in Wumat who was shot in the back says that it was Fulani militants who attacked them that night. She lost four relatives including her son, and she was shot running to escape. She said the state government promised to pay their hospital bills but that she had not received any help yet.

Kubung said the attack impacted the community deeply. In addition to the deaths and injuries,  their food was burnt. Pastor Kubung says the attack was persecution and pleaded with the international community to help his community with relief. He also asked Christians to pray for them.

On November 15, 2022, at  10:15pm, armed Fulani militants attacked a community of 500 residents located 20 miles south of Barkin Ladi. At least five houses and a church were destroyed. Eleven people, including young children, were killed and another seven were injured.

Then, on November 16, 2022, an attack took place at Folloh village, two miles west of Maikatako. About half of the village’s 300 brick houses were razed. Additionally, at least one person was killed and eight were injured. Mashar Danjuma, a community leader, survived gunshot wounds. His younger brother was killed and his house burnt. Danjuma pleaded with NGOs to help rebuild their houses before the rainy season and expressed his desire for more security in the village.

A female student of Plateau State University, Bokkos told our correspondent that nine students were raped by Fulani militants within one year. She accused the state government of not fencing the school and providing adequate lighting supply to see their enemies. Students leaving in Ndar, 1km from the university, say they are not safe because militants consistently harassed and attacked students. Two students were killed by the militants in Ndar village.

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