Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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12/15/2022 Gulf (International Christian Concern) – In 1986 a young man from Saudi Arabia accidently discovered a 4th century AD church while digging out his car from the sand after dune-bashing. What this showed is that Christianity did indeed predate Islam and the birth of Mohammad by about 300 years. It is one of the oldest discovered churches in the world.

The next part of the puzzle was discovered recently (36 years later), it is another Christian monastery on Siniyah Island in the UAE. Through carbon dating it was revealed that this monastery was is dated around 534AD-656AD, which would have been during the lifetime of Mohammad. It seems to have been abandon during the 8th century, which many Middle Eastern countries try and run the narrative that this is because of a clash between Islam and Christianity. Archeologists disagree and believe there was a clear interfaith tolerance and co-existence at the local level during this time. Tim Power, associate professor of archaeology at the UAE University in Al-Ain and co-director of the Siniyah Island Archaeology Project explains, “‘We know from the Arabic historical sources that the Abbasid invasion was very violent, and the coastal towns of the emirates were destroyed,’ he said. ‘So, I think these people fled in terror at the prospect of the invasion by the imperial authorities in Iraq, which were trying to maintain control of their restive provinces. It was a conflict between two different groups of Muslims.’”

This is significant because it shows that there was a period were the two faiths co-existed with each other, that Christianity pre-dates Islam, and Christianity is not a foreign religion as spun by Middle Eastern Islamic nations. This narrative given to the people who reside in the Middle East is false and shows the historical value of these sites. Christianity not only predates Islam but, has vast historical roots historically in these areas.

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