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12/09/2022 Armenia (International Christian Concern) – The French Assembly voted on November 30th to unanimously adopt a resolution in support of Armenia. This resolution called for sanction against Azerbaijan for their violations and assaults against the sovereign territory of Armenia.

By condemning the military aggression of Azerbaijan on September 13th-14th, the national assembly is also calling for an end to their military occupation and immediate unconditional withdrawal from the republic of Armenia. According to Panorama Day News lawmakers also called on the French government to work within the United Nations and consider the deployment of an international force capable of ensuring the end to hostilities…” Part of this effort also includes working with the European Union and the United States to promote a lasting peace treaty and maintain diplomatic relationships between Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia. Other parts of this resolution involve active humanitarian aid and a call to hold Azerbaijan accountable for war crimes against Armenia.

While these efforts are steps towards resolving the disastrous scenario in Armenia, many families have been destroyed over the years, and most recently the attack on September 13th killed over hundreds of people. ICC’s recent news post on the matter states “Azerbaijan launched an attack that resulted in over 200+ confirmed deaths of Armenian soldiers and an unknown number of civilian deaths and injuries… Armenian soldiers are [being] arrested for acts of terrorism, while there are also allegations that they are being put to death, which is a serious breach of the Geneva Conventions… Through these actions, Azerbaijan’s president has made it clear that he wants to eradicate the Armenian race and culture from “his” lands and by any means necessary.” Armenia is historically Christian and Azerbaijan’s efforts to ethnically cleanse and persecute them should not be swept under the rug.

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