Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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12/05/2022 Algeria (International Christian Concern) – Another Algerian church closed last week in the Kabyle area after a police raid. During the beginning of the pandemic, the Algerian government shut down all religious institutions, and never allowed churches to reopen; they are now permanently closing them down and sealing the doors so they cannot be used. There are now only 11 churches left who have not been forcibly sealed from the public. With these closures, some Algerian church leaders are welcoming the persecution in their country.

These leaders explain that when churches close, they are forced to go underground away from government control, and this is when they start seeing more believers being formed. Mission Network News completed an interview regarding these issues, Algerian church leaders tell Pastor Riadh, ‘We are happy when we see persecution come in our country.’ People are thirsty to know more about the faith when they don’t see any hope,’ he says.”

The Government in Algeria is not open to discussions about religious freedom, and since the new government came to power in 2017, church have continued to close across the country. An ICC report explains that after the Algerian civil war, many churches were forming from the war-torn civilization as a result of western missionary activities and indigenous Christian outreach programs” The now mostly Islamic government was not going to allow this, and then started to systematically close down churches to stop the recent rise in Christian population. As this occurs in current day, Christianity has not been extinguished, and persist despite the repression of the community.

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