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11/14/2022 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Femicide in Turkey is an issue that is increasing in commonality, according to a report on Turkey mostly consists of those of the Islamic faith, and so many Christians residing in this country are MBB’s (Muslim-Background Believers).

When a family is converted to Christianity, it often begins with the wife/mother in the family. This is not usually accepted by the male head of the household (father/husband), so we see increased reports of domestic violence in these situations. As femicide is increasing, there is also an underlying issue, according to, of the Turkish government ignoring critical social issues that directly link to this problem. Such as, when deaths occur, there are documented restraining orders against these women’s partners, applications for protection from the government by these women that are ignored, and distortion of the facts by officials to downplay the severity of the situation.

By protecting these violent men, all women in Turkey are at risk, especially MBB’s who risk being another statistic in this rapidly growing trend of femicide by converting from Islam. Turkey must add precise and enforced laws to combat violence in these cases. Otherwise, female Turkish MBB’s will be at risk for general community persecution and dangerous persecution from the men in their families.

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