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11/09/2022 Iran (International Christian Concern) – With the protests in Iran increasing, officials are attempting to “control” the situation by haphazardly arresting those of opposing faiths, destroying or confiscating property, or executing enforced disappearances, one of those groups explicitly being MBB (Muslim Background Believers).

Iran has experienced many civil rights protests over the years, but recently the protests have expanded and have been called by some a revolution against the strict and oppressing Islamic law. To stifle these protests, the government has tried to use force to quiet these events while also limiting the media that comes in and outside of the country. With force being used by the officials, many opposing faith systems have been targeted, with MBB’s being one of their primary targets.

UN experts are calling for religious persecution and harassment of religious minorities to stop and for the release of those detained because of “opposing beliefs.” Accountability for these raids and violations of human rights should be a priority during this time, but until the government begins to stand against these brutalities, real change will be hard to accomplish.

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