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11/06/2022 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – Archbishop Simon Poh, chairman of the Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) spoke recently during an ecumenical forum in Malaysia, urging Christians to make an informed decision while voting in the nation’s upcoming election.  

In his address, Archbishop Poh said, “To vote means to stand up and be counted. God has entrusted to us this stewardship to work for the common good of everyone. 

He continued stating, “This is to ask Christians to vote as responsible citizens of our country… as part of our moral responsibility in society and nation building.” 

The ACS does not endorse any politicians or specific parties. Rather, the goal of Archbishop Poh was to motivate Christians to vote for candidates with qualities of good leadership. In addition, the prelate urges those casting ballots to vote for those who will care for the poor and marginalized in their communities.  

Christians make up just 10% of Malaysia’s population. It is a majority Islamic country, with 60% of the population identifying as Muslim.  

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