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10/26/2022 Armenia (International Christian Concern) – In November 2020, a ceasefire was signed between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, ending the 44-day Second Karabakh War. Since then, fighting has continued, and Azerbaijan has continued to try and gain disputed territories between the two countries while also committing acts of genocide against the Armenian people group. Multiple ceasefires have been attempted over the years, but none have succeeded.

Armenians are an ethnic minority who are historically Christian. They were targeted during the 1915 genocide committed under the Ottoman Empire (now modern Turkey). Today, Azerbaijan’s actions are backed by Turkey, continuing its historical pattern of ethnic-religious cleansing in historic Ottoman lands.

Azerbaijan has made blatant attempts and actions toward eliminating the Armenian culture and history. Leaders and the press have been publicly delivering hate speeches about the Armenian people, all while attempting to rewrite history by denying the territorial integrity of the nation and comparing the people to “dogs needing to be chased away.”

Recently on September 13, 2022, Azerbaijan launched an attack that resulted in over 200+ confirmed deaths of Armenian soldiers and an unknown number of civilian deaths and injuries. With these concerns and attacks, it is said that captured Armenian soldiers are arrested for acts of terrorism, while there are also allegations that they are being put to death, which is a serious breach of the Geneva Conventions. Earlier in the month, a video went viral showing the execution of a small group of captured Armenian soldiers by Azerbaijan troops; what makes this worse is it was a seemingly arbitrary attack. Through these actions, Azerbaijan’s president has made it clear that he wants to eradicate the Armenian race and culture from “his” lands and by any means necessary.

Efforts from the international community need to be enacted in order to stop the foreseeable genocide of the Armenian people in the future. This should include condemning and speaking out against these attacks as they occur.

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