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10/18/2022 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – The February 2021 coup that established military rule in Myanmar has led to ongoing infighting between the military junta and pro-democracy forces.  

The conflict has ripped the country apart, forcing thousands to flee their homes as their villages become battlegrounds. 

Much of the recent fighting has been concentrated in Chin state, located on Myanmar’s eastern border with India’s Mizoram state. According to media outlet UCA news, there were 1,800 new refugee arrivals in Mizoram from Chin state in the last week of September alone. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that the total number of Burmese refugees in Mizoram is 48,000.  

Chin state, which is majority Christian, has been at the forefront of the pro-democracy movement and has suffered greatly from aerial bombing, heavy shelling, and indiscriminate attacks on civilians. In addition, the junta has blocked many supply routes, making it extremely difficult for residents of Chin state to receive humanitarian aid.  

“In our country, thousands of people are suffering from the political, economic, and humanitarian crises while churches and monasteries have been bombed, villages have been burned, and people are killed,” Cardinal Bo said in a homily on Oct. 9. 

As of October 3, there are an estimated 1,349,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) within Myanmar, including 1,019,00 people who have been newly displaced within the country since February 2021, according to the latest UN refugee agency report. 

Due to public backlash on India’s tight rules concerning refugees crossing the Indian border, both state governments of Mizoram and Manipur have decided to welcome the refugees. Additionally, the Indian government decided to stand up for the people in Myanmar by condemning violence, standing up for detained previous leaders, and claiming they would aid refugees. While The Indian government does not have a clear refugee protection policy, they are providing asylum to many of the refugees. 

Please pray for those suffering from the conflict in Myanmar.  

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