Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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10/17/2022 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – ICC has reported extensively on the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar following the February 2021 military coup which deposed the nation’s democratically elected government. Christians, who are a religious minority in Myanmar, have suffered greatly under the Buddhist-nationalist military regime. 

Churches and other religious buildings are frequently targeted in military raids. Additionally, the military junta has been accused of cutting off humanitarian assistance to majority-Christian areas of the country. 

Recently, Pope Francis called on the international community to remember those suffering under brutal military rule in Myanmar. In an address on October 13, Pope Francis said, “I want to emphasize this: the forgotten wars. Today, we are all worried, and it is right that we should be, about a war here in Europe, at the door of Europe and in Europe, but there have been wars for years: for more than 10 years in Syria, think of Yemen, think of Myanmar, think of Africa.” 

The Catholic Church in Myanmar has been instrumental in providing humanitarian assistance to those suffering in the conflict. Many refugees seek shelter in church compounds following the destruction of their homes and villages.  

Archbishop Marco Tin of Mandalay told a news outlet in September, “Villagers who flee when the army arrives only have us. Church compounds are becoming refugee centers.” 

Please pray for Christians suffering under the oppressive regime in Myanmar.  

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