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10/16/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – On September 13, Ji Chun’gang, a Christian man, was fined 150,000 yuan ($20,850 USD) for “carrying out religious training without authorization.” An announcement of the fine was published by the WeChat group “Deep Insight Press.” 

Chun’gang lives in Panlong District, Kunmin, and he allegedly conducted the religious training on June 28. The evidence presented against him by the authorities included two photos of the event, a list of participants, and the material.  

These restrictions on unauthorized religious training are part of a wider effort by the Chinese government to infiltrate religious teaching in China with Chinese nationalism and socialist thought. 

On September 1, China’s new “Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services” were fully implemented nationwide. The regulations, which are designed to limit the religious content that individuals and institutions are allowed to share online, have been rolling out in part over the last 6 months.    

The new laws, comprised of five chapters and thirty-six articles, say that online preaching and the sharing of religious content should be organized and performed by religious organizations that have obtained the “Internet Religious Information Service License.”   

Please pray for Christians in China who are suffering under these regulations.  

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