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10/08/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – On September 24, more than 90 pastors from the state-vetted Three-Self churches attended the seventh seminar on the Sinicization of Christianity, held in Yaodu District Church, Linfen, Shanxi province.

According to China Christian Daily, 13 pastors from various areas in Linfen conducted in-depth discussions on church management, social services, Sinicization of pastoral management, hymns, spiritual practice, and Christian architecture, as well as cultural adaptation.

The participants used papers, speeches, and articles to present their viewpoints on topics such as “the Sinicization of Church Music,” “Thoughts on Practicing Sinicization of Christian,” or “Exploration of the Integration of Christian Faith with Chinese Traditional Culture.”

At the end of the symposium, they selected two first-place winners, five runners-up, and six persons for the Excellent Prize. Two groups and one individual were awarded the Outstanding Organization Award and the Outstanding Creation Award, respectively.

Sinicization, a term introduced by President Xi Jinping in 2015, is where the five officially recognized religions in China conform to socialist values and the communist party’s objectives and policies. The campaign is for Beijing to exert more control over religion.

This seminar occurred around the same time when two house church leaders from Linfen Holy Covenant Church were formally arrested for the alleged crime of “fraud.” In its approach to religion, the Chinese government continues to curb the growth of unsanctioned churches while requesting loyalty from the Three-Self churches.

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