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09/18/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – Ethnic Nu Christian Wang Shunping from Yunnan, detained last month in Nujiang prefecture, faces formal arrest from Fugong County’s Public Security Bureau (PSB).

Wang was taken away along with Nu Sangdeng by Fugong County’s PSB on August 17 for “allegedly organizing and sponsoring illegal gathering.” On September 15, Wang’s lawyer saw Wang for the first time since his detention through a video call.

Wang is doing great in the detention center — he is not sad or upset about losing his freedom. Concerning his situation in jail, he mostly answered his lawyer with “I am fine” or “Everything is fine.”

Wang thinks there should not have been any issue for him to organize Christian gatherings, but he is unsure if he was against the law when he taught minors about Biblical knowledge.

On September 16, Fugong County’s PSB submitted a formal notice for Wang’s arrest to the local procuratorate. Wang’s lawyer also submitted a legal opinion to the procuratorate, hoping the agency could honor the Chinese constitution’s guarantee for religious freedom for its citizens and deny the request to arrest Wang.

Please continue to keep Wang Shunping in your prayers.

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