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09/14/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – Last month, China’s State Administration of Radio and Television published its new rules for radio and television programs. These new regulations are part of a wider effort by Xi Jinping and the Communist Party (CCP) to subject the internet and other sources of entertainment to higher levels of government control.  

According to persecution watchdog Bitter Winter, Xi Jinping has made comments in the past about the entertainment sector in China, calling it “chaotic” and expressing dissatisfaction that it is not fully controlled by the CCP.  

The new regulations state that foreigners are not allowed to produce audiovisual content for radio, TV, or internet broadcasting within China. Production of such content is limited to companies that have been explicitly authorized and are compliant with the long list of prohibited content.  

Content that is prohibited under the new guidelines includes anything that is deemed as “being contrary to national religious policy” as well as “endangering social morality.”  

Bitter Winter pointed out how the category of “endangering social morality” is left intentionally vague in order to permit CCP officials to crack down on any content that criticizes the CCP. 

Please pray for those who are suffering under the authoritarian regime in China.  

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