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09/13/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – China’s Henan province recently held a competition to select the best sermons and preachers among the state-vetted churches.

According to China Christian Daily, Henan Provincial Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement held the “2022 Excellent Sermons and Preachers Competition” at Henan Theological Seminary from August 30 to 31.

12 preachers from churches in different cities across the province participated in this competition, where they crafted sermons based on “The Bible and the Sinicization of Christianity,” “Sacraments and the Sinicization of Christianity,” “Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture and the Sinicization of Christianity,” and “Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era.”

In the end, 14 sermons and papers were selected, whereas 12 preachers received honorary certificates.

It is no secret that the Chinese government has emphasized the Sinicization of religion in recent years, where the indigenization of religious faith, practice, and ritual in Chinese culture and society based on the Communist Party’s ideology takes place. Under such a measure, religious texts have been rewritten, religious symbols removed, and preachers disqualified by the state.

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