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09/07/2022 Myanmar (International Christian Concern) – In July, ICC reported on how civilians in Myanmar’s majority-Christian state of Kayah are being cut off from humanitarian relief and food assistance being sent into the country by NGOs. 

Since the February 2021 military coup that deposed Myanmar’s democratically elected government, infighting between the military and pro-democracy forces has led to violence and mass displacement. Religious minorities, including Christians, are especially targeted in crackdowns by the Buddhist nationalist military.  

In war-torn Kayah state especially, widespread displacement due to fighting has led to a humanitarian crisis with 200,000 internally displaced civilians lacking necessities such as food and medicine because the Burmese army is blocking supply routes.  

An employee for Jobs for Kayah Team, a humanitarian organization working in the area, said, “Food prices have soared, making it difficult for donors to send supplies. People can’t farm, and food is scarce. Rice prices are high as we rely on supplies from central Myanmar. And we can’t get as much as we need because the regime imposes road restrictions.” 

Military troops have destroyed food reserves, and the constant infighting makes it impossible to farm, according to residents. Health problems are rampant as access to medical care is also being denied.  

Many who have attempted to return to their homes and villages have been killed or injured by landmines planted by the military junta.  

Please pray for those who are suffering from oppression and persecution in Myanmar.

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