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09/06/2022 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – For Muslim-background believers (MBBs) in one country (censored for strict-security purposes), possession of the Bible is banned. No one can own a copy of the Bible—no writing notes in the margins, no highlighting verses, or embossed customized covers and cases. The Word of God is considered contraband.

For MBBs, possession of the Bible or other Christian materials invites persecution. Bibles are banned from being imported, and MBBs who have access to electronic versions of Scripture must be very careful to avoid getting caught, or they will be punished. The Bible is so heavily monitored in this country that it is difficult for God’s people to access his word.

ICC is working with more than 100 house church leaders to equip them with copies of the Bible to get into the hands of MBBs and those who are seeking the word of God but have not yet converted. We aim to get 2,000 copies of the Bible into believers’ hands to grow in their walk with Christ.

Please pray that God would make it possible for the Bibles to arrive safely in the country, so our courageous partners can smuggle the books without authority interference.

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