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09/03/2022 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Sophia grew up in a Muslim household until last year when she believed in Christ.

While her newfound faith in Jesus brought eternal rewards, she faced immense persecution within her family. Sophia and three other siblings were living with her brother, who supported her. When he learned about Sophia’s conversion, he abandoned them, saying he “couldn’t stay with non-Muslims.” Because Sophia was jobless, she was forced to move back home with her parents.

She quickly discovered, however, that her brother had already warned them about her conversion to Christianity. Her father was upset that she converted and held her hostage for two weeks, peppering her with questions, wanting to see proof. Sophia did not say her Muslim prayers, and her father found a Bible in her belongings.

“I was brutally beaten, and he chased me out of the house, claiming that I was going to spoil my little siblings,” said Sophia, who had to flee again, this time to a friend’s house.

“Currently, I struggle to get what to eat and personal needs as a woman,” she told ICC staff. “My only prayer is to have a simple milk dairy shop.”  

ICC helped make her prayers a reality by providing her with items to open a dairy shop, including a deep freezer and other supplies, and covering four months of her rent.

Sophia was overcome with gratitude, praising the Lord for his faithfulness.

Thank you, Jesus, for I’ve been yearning for financial independence and hiding from the community hunting me,” she said. “This shop will also enable me to help my siblings!

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