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09/01/2022 Uganda (International Christian Concern) – It’s a rare but eternally-rewarding occurrence when a prominent Muslim leader, known as an imam, leaves behind his years of training in the faith for Christ. That was the case for not one but three local imams in Uganda.

Tamir, Salomon, and Michael recently converted to Christianity — and are now being hunted down by their former communities.

The Muslim community found out about Tamir’s conversion when he was baptized. He was chased away with his family of four, and his house was destroyed. A local pastor is currently taking care of Tamir and his family until they can find a more secure and permanent place to live.

Salomon and his family of five are in hiding after he left his teaching position in a local mosque when he gave his life to Christ. Salomon came across a verse in the Quran that states that Muhammad is dead, and those who follow him are also dead. He compared it with John 14:6, which says Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. He trusted Christ for his salvation and was baptized the same day. Currently, his Muslim friends and family are hunting him down to kill him for converting to Christianity.

Michael, another local imam, and his wife were baptized together after converting to Christianity. When the Muslim leaders who had been training him realized his conversion, they began to threaten his family. He is also currently being hunted down by the Muslim elders who invested in him during his training and risks being killed if they find him.

Though these three new converts see the life and salvation found in Christ, they still face earthly death daily. ICC worked with them to provide emergency food supplies for their families. Please join us in praying for the safety of the three ex-imams and their families as they look for a secure place to live and means of earning a livelihood.

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