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08/31/2022 Tunisia (International Christian Concern) – Tunisia’s recently approved constitution concerns religious minorities, including Christians, after more powers were given to the sitting president and increased references to Islam. The new constitution states that the country “belongs to the Islamic Ummah,” or Muslim community, instead of a secular civil state as it previously did.

According to Open Doors, the constitution, approved in July 2022, states that the country is required to achieve the “purposes of Islam.” With the “purposes of Islam” unidentified, it is up to Tunisian authorities and the president to interpret this goal. According to President Saied, the new constitution does not name Islam as the state religion. It merely references it. He sought to combat Islamic extremism.

Tunisia is ranked number 35 on Open Doors World Watch List. The new constitutional referendum replaces the 2014 Arab Spring constitution. Saied became president last year after he dismissed the government and suspended parliament.

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