Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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08/31/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – On Saturday, August 27, suspected Fulani herdsmen shot and killed a Christian woman while she cleaned her church building.  

The woman, Lyop Dalyop, was cleaning the Church of Christ in Nations in Bangai village when armed men allegedly ambushed her and killed her. An attorney who directs the Emancipation Center For Crisis Victims in Nigeria said that the incident occurred around 8:00 PM.  

The Fulani, who are majority Muslim, is the world’s largest nomadic ethnic group. While most Fulani lives at peace with their neighbors, militant Fulanis, radicalized by extreme Islam, have emerged from their people group with jihadist intent.      

Last year, Nigeria earned the distinction of being the country with the world’s worst persecution in ICC’s Persecutor of the Year Awards. Radicalized and armed Islamist Fulani have killed tens of thousands of Christians and left more than three million homeless in a 20-year genocide against them.     

“Christian communities in the Middle Belt of Nigeria have effectively suffered a twenty-year-long genocide,” said ICC President Jeff King. “Where is the outcry? Where is effective action? In Nigeria, the military, the police, and the intelligence agencies are all controlled by Muslims. This, coupled with a twenty-year lack of response by these agencies, should naturally lead to deeper questioning by the international community.  Simply put, the time for cheap talk and platitudes is over. The world is waking up and asking, “Is the Nigerian government complicit in these attacks.” Time will tell, but for this long-time watcher, the decision is in.        

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