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Linfen Church Leaders Placed Under Detention

08/28/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – Preacher Li Jie, his wife Li Shanshan, and Preacher Han Xiaodong from Linfen Holy Covenant Church in Shanxi province are placed under detention for the alleged crime of “fraud.”

The trio was taken away on Aug. 19 when 70 members of their church were enjoying an outdoor family camp. 170 police officers raided the location and led the leaders away.

On August 23, the family members of the trio received notification of Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location (RSDL) for allegedly committing “fraud.” The notice, sent by Linfen City’s Public Security Bureau, stated that the three have begun their RSDL on August 22. The exact location was not revealed to their family.

The Chinese government has in the past year increasingly used “fraud” as a charge against church leaders, especially house churches. They often accuse the Christians or churches of taking offerings illegally, when in reality they are merely doing what any church in the world would do.

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