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08/24/2022 China (International Christian Concern) – The 10th National Assembly of Chinese Catholic Representatives, a gathering of all the Chinese Catholic organizations officially controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), concluded in Wuhan on Saturday, August 20.  

The Assembly, which convened to set a roadmap for the direction of the state-sanctioned Chinese Catholic church, appointed new CCP-approved church leaders and was filled with some disturbing nationalist rhetoric. It is the goal of the Chinese government to “Sinicize” the Catholic church and infuse church teachings with Chinese socialist thought.  

A publication released after the conclusion of the event, which summarized the discussion, reported that the attendees discussed “the great project of transmitting the pastoral spirit, honoring the Lord and benefiting the people” and “looked at the cause of patriotism and the brilliant prospects of deepening the Sinification of Catholicism in our country.” 

According to the report, there was also extensive discussion on the need to “unite and guide the vast number of Catholics to take Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era as their guide, to continue to hold high the banner of patriotism and love for religion, to adhere to the principles of independent self-management of the Church and democratic education, to adhere to the direction of the Chineseisation of Catholicism in the country, vigorously strengthening the construction of patriotic forces.” 

This rhetoric is disturbing and harmful, as many Chinese Catholics are now being taught “Sinicized” Catholic teachings in their churches as the CCP attempts to consolidate its control over Christianity in the country.  

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