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08/16/2022 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – It was a cloudy night, and villagers in one Christian farming community in Nigeria’s Benue state were about to sleep. Suddenly, militants arrived, scattering the villagers into the surrounding bush. Six villagers who could not run were killed.

The militants were all armed with AK-47 rifles and machetes. Locals told an ICC staffer. An eyewitness said that “they were all on motorcycles, holding guns, and shouting Allah Akbar [Allah is great].” Similar stories have emerged from other attacks on Nigeria’s Christian communities. “We have no enemies but Fulani militants,” said one villager. “The militants that attacked our village came from Taraba state,” he added.

The local government authority of Loco County confirmed that six people were killed. Twelve people survived gunshot wounds during the attack on Tse Ngojov and Tse Valem Yaweh villages in Mbagum, Tombo Council Ward of Logo Local Government Area, LGA, of Benue state.

A local, Mrs. Salome Tor, said, “The attack, which occurred at about 9 PM, was unprovoked. The corpses of those killed and those injured were moved to the health facility at Ayilamo, the closest town to the attacked community.”

She continued, explaining the context of the attack. “The attackers came when the farmers were tired from the farm work. They were ready to eat their night meal and to sleep.” Authorities also confirmed that the militants came from Taraba State. Loco County is facing a series of humanitarian crises caused by Fulani militants killing Christian farmers.

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