ICC Boosts a Couple's Small Business in Egypt | Persecution

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ICC Boosts a Couple’s Small Business in Egypt

08/15/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Sonia is a Christian in Egypt who works as a secretary and whose husband sells houseware goods on the street. Due to her faith, she often experiences harassment from her Muslim coworkers. As their attempts to convert her to Islam failed, they began to grow more aggressive and insult her husband.

In order to help Sonia support her family in a safe environment, we provided her with a supply of houseware goods for her to partner with her husband and expand their business. This will also allow her to stay close to her family, since her previous job required her to work in another village.

“Thanks for the help,” Sonia expressed. “This will push me and my husband to work well… he sells houseware goods to clients in [this village] and I sell to my neighborhood here.”

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