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08/11/2022 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – He set off to strengthen and deepen his Islamic faith. After poring over the true translation of the Quran and the holy books of Islam and comparing his findings to the Bible, something miraculous occurred.

The truth of the gospel became irresistible to Brother Rachid and changed the course of his life—and hundreds, if not thousands, of other former Muslims just like him.

Brother Rachid knows a thing or two about talking to Muslims about Christianity. He was born in Morocco to a conservative Muslim family, and his father remains a well-known and respected imam. After studying the differences between Islam and Christianity with the intent to defend Islam, he converted to Christianity when he was 19. But like so many who converted from Islam to Christianity, he was kicked out of his home and eventually forced to flee his home country.

But Rachid persisted and resisted the status quo of the Arab world. He was determined to share the gospel with more Muslims. If they knew the truth and understood the words of the Quran, they would surely see the beauty of Christ.

In 2005, he began hosting his own television program on Al Hayat TV and has recorded hundreds of episodes. Daring Questions, one of his programs, allows Muslims to call in and ask questions. But his influence has reached more than just Muslims.

With the rise of COVID-19 and virtual evangelism, his gospel message has even reached the faithless.

“It’s not just evangelism to Muslims,” Rachid said. “This is such a new but needed category. These are people [who] have lost their religion because it got exposed under ISIS. And they said the heck with it. It’s all a scam. They are so deeply wounded, and their worldview is so damaged towards faith in God.”

Rachid saw massive numbers of Muslims watching his program and found out that many had left Islam and had stayed in the grey area of faithlessness.

“They were contacting me and were willing to discuss. But they said, ‘We don’t trust religion anymore. We don’t trust God anymore. We don’t want to have anything to do with that,’” Rachid said.

This group of people saw their whole religion exposed under ISIS and realized they didn’t want anything to do with that.

“It’s all a scam. Mohammed’s a scam. God’s a scam. They just threw out everything,” he recalled.

Many former Muslims believed religion was there to control them and to use for people in power’s benefit. Brother Rachid and his production crew had to come up with a new strategy to reach this group of lost people. They succeeded at getting them out of Islam but lost a large percentage to no religion.

In an effort to show people the true religion of love and peace, they made a program for people who had lost their Muslim faith that only required two things: the person had left Islam and was currently undecided about their faith.

“It’s just wonderful. It’s refreshing. It reminded me in the midst of all this uncertainty—you see, so many people will disappoint you. But when you look at the other side, what God is doing in the hearts of people and how they are changing, that’s why we should focus our eyes on God. Not on our understanding, not on any person, or anything,” said Rachid.

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